Welcome To Shruti Drugs

SHRUTI DRUGS PVT. LTD. is an integrated Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ( API's) and intermediates manufacturing company based in India.

The company is run by professional from Pharmaceutical Industry having more than 25 years of experience.The effective blend of technical expertise, organisation strengths, experience and infra-structure has contributed to their success & growth of the organisation.The current facility in Raichur, has the capacity to meet the requirements both quality -wise and quantity-wise of national and international customers. The company has acquired about 25 Acres of land for future expansion.

This new facility will have independent blocks for various intermediates as per customer requirements, separate blocks for API's, own power generation unit, and zero discharge effluent treatment facilities. SHRUTI DRUGS PVT. LTD. is customer oriented company who carries streamline operations with high efficiency and low costs, implement scientific and strict quality assurance system.The company's vision is to keep improving our customer's competitiveness and profitability with high quality products and services.

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